Mackerel Tail Bits



Mackerel Tail Bits are ideal as a toy/small dog chew or quick crunchy nutritional snack for medium-large dogs. 100% dehydrated mackerel tail, sourced by a QLD Barrier Reef Guardian Fisherman.

High in omega 3, which can assist with skin, coat, joint and heart health, with anti-inflammatory properties. Dental health benefits for small dogs when used as a longer lasting small chew.

Mackerel Tail Bits are the perfect small snack to give to your dogs when you are leaving home to create a positive association with your leaving.

Store in a cool, airtight, dark place. Shelf life is approximately 12 months if stored correctly.

Minimal Environmental Pawprint
We are conscious of keeping our environmental pawprint to a minimum. These treats are packaged in cellophane bags which are certified home compostable within 8-12 weeks. The cellulose is derived from FSC certified renewable wood pulp.

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