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Bec Hamilton


An animal lover as a child, Bec first entered the world of dog training through her own dog, Bailey. Attending classes with him ignited a passion for understanding and working with dogs. After years of the hospitality, retail and corporate sectors, she was still constantly drawn to the animal world. What started as volunteering in classes, play groups and private consultations, turned into years of teaching and coaching at one of Brisbane’s most reputable dog training establishments.

She finds great joy in helping dogs and their humans; watching dogs develop skills and confidence, and the relationship between them and their human flourish. Passionate about whole pet wellness, she believes in a multi-faceted approach, as physical health, behaviour, psychological and emotional stability are dependent on each other. Her goal is to help give our dogs and cats the best quality of life, for the longest possible time.

For many years she has been fostering dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, including some special needs, through Pets Without Partners and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Qld, and happily lives with her own quirky ’zoo’.

Bec is currently a K9 Nose Work® Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and a certified Fear Free Professional. She is also in the process of finalising her Certified Canine Fitness Trainer qualification.

With science changing and always more to learn, she regularly attends industry courses, workshops, seminars and events, enabling her to bring the most up-to-date information to you and your furry family members.

Bailey Monster

Client Liaison & Amateur Therapy Dog

Fluffy and energetic, he is a dog of the people. He’s not too shy to slide in and insist on a pat. He knows patting dogs is good for your health, so he’s more than happy to oblige and share his love around. A tug fiend, with a play voice to match, his appearance often means he is compared to Falcor. Giving him the end of the yoghurt pot to finish off, will get you bonus points.

Tallulah Moon

Client Representative & Enrichment Specialist

Tallulah (Lulu) often attends classes and events, happily demonstrating skills and schmoozing for other dog’s treats. Don’t let her pocket size fool you, she’s always the first to dive in, trying new enrichment toys and activities with enthusiasm. Following in the footsteps of her human mother, she has a deep appreciation for cheese and ice cream.



Augie & Jex were welcomed into the family after being fostered and fitting right in! Augie is our ginger ninja who loves food, kitten and sleeping in weird places. Jex is an FIV cat, who can open doors and cupboards to get to food and will go into stealth mode to steal your pizza. He is also Tallulah’s personal hair stylist, happy to groom her upon request.

The Philosophy

What we stand for


Mental and emotional wellness form part of your dog’s wellbeing and happiness. Giving them choice and teaching them to problem solve through enrichment and training activities helps to build confidence and coping skills, reduces stress and the occurrence of behavioural issues.


Dogs are designed to move! Keeping them fit and strong, regardless of whether they are a working dog, sports dog, couch potato, or even a golden oldie, incorporating appropriate movement and fitness activities all help your dog to live the best quality of life for the longest time possible.


We believe fresh, species appropriate nutrition and treats are a key to maintaining good physical, mental and emotional health in your pet. Tailoring to your dog's needs is essential, as what you feed and how you feed them can make all the difference.

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