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Our passion is to help our dogs have the best quality of life possible, for the longest possible time, and physical wellness is an essential part of this. Conditioning, strength and fitness in dogs is not just for sports or working dogs, it’s for ALL dogs, of all ages. Our Paws & Core classes and workshops, help you to easily implement simple and quick exercises and activities to your dog’s everyday lifestyle, to build and maintain strength throughout their body, reducing the chances of injury or rebuilding after injury or surgery. Tailored to your dog’s age and individual abilities, we show you what to look for in your dog’s movement and structure, how to apply the exercises, and how and when to progress the exercises to higher levels.

If you would like a personalised program with one on one sessions with you and your dog, please contact us to enquire about our fitness consultations.

Paws & Core Workshop

This 1hr strength and conditioning workshop will teach you a variety of techniques and exercises that are easy to implement, and designed to improve your dog’s health and quality of life. Not only will these activities help to build and maintain strength throughout your dog’s body, it will allow you to identify potential issues, signs of pain, signs of ageing, as well as minimise the chance of injury, or assist in rebuilding after injury or surgery.

All dogs can benefit from this workshop; puppy, adolescent, adult, dog sports dog, weekend hiker, couch potato, recuperating from injury/surgery or senior. Ideal for dogs and breeds predisposed to back, disk and hip issues.


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