Petstages Hunt 'N Snack Mat - For Cats


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Petstages Hunt ‘N Snack Mat for Cats

Make your cat’s meal time fun and mentally stimulating! The Hunt N’ Snack Mat features multiple obstacles so cats can hunt for their food. Features 3 different types of obstacles to keep your cat occupied. Fishing treats out of the bowl, sliding food along the grooves, and batting treats out of the pegs provides both mental and physical stimulation.

Use as a slow feeder to lengthen your cat’s mealtime and slow your cat’s eating pace which can improve digestion and help reduce bloat. The Hunt ‘N Snack Mat encourages natural hunting and foraging behaviours, reducing boredom and destruction and contributing to their overall mental and physical wellbeing. The non-slip base keeps it in place while in use.


  • Suitable for all kinds of feeding styles – raw, canned, dry, air dried, freeze dried, combination feeding, treats, broths and liquids.
  • Ideal alternative to a standard bowl
  • Holds up to 1 cup of dry food
  • PA, PVC and phthalate free – made from food safe materials
  • Easy clean – removable cup. Rinse with warm water and mild soap
  • Suitable for cats of all ages and sizes
  • Approx. 37.1cm x 18cm

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Dimensions 20 × 3 × 34 cm


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